WHAT mesmerize eyeliner IS:

An organic eyeliner pencil that delivers professional performance. As an added bonus the other side of the pencil holds a smudging tool.

WHAT mesmerize eyeliner DOES:

This velvety-smooth eyeliner pencil glides on like a dream and offers a smooth, precise line for a perfectly defined eye without pulling or tugging at your very delicate eye skin. Use the blending tool to easily create a seductive, smoky eye.

Without the toxic chemicals most eyeliners rely on to keep the color in place, Vapour Organic Beauty delivers a non-toxic natural eyeliner made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients.

HOW TO USE mesmerize eyeliner:

Apply as close to your lashes as possible. Trace the contour of your eye and begin drawing above your iris, extending a bit past the outdoor corner of your eye. The line should be straight across or slightly upward. Blend upward and outward. Smudge the upper lid line lightly to soften the look. 

Hint: For big, round eyes, apply liner to the upper and lower lids without touching at the corner. For almond-shaped eyes/smaller eyes, apply liner only to the upper lids and lash line.

Always start with a freshly sharpened, fine-tipped eyeliner pencil.

Eyeliner tips by eye shape:

For round eyes apply more liner to the inside and outside corners of the upper lash line and less in the middle of the lid (the roundest part of the eye). Try not to follow the outer corner all the way down or you'll end up looking like Twiggy. Instead, bring the line up a bit at that upper outer corner of the lash line. Round eyes can very easily wear eye liner on the bottom lids all the way across without overwhelming the eye.

For almond­ eyes apply liner in a tapered line starting on the inside corner and following the lash line and tapering out slightly beyond the outer corner. If you have large almond eyes you can also easily wear eye liner on the bottom lids and in the waterline without overwhelming the eye.

For small eyes begin above the outer corner and use feathery strokes to draw line over just half to 2/3 of the way toward the inner corner. The line should be as tight to the lashes as possible on the roundest part of the eye lid and then detach from from the lash line toward the outer corner as it lifts up. This creates a larger, more open look. Smudging the line slightly softens this look.

eyeliner tips by look:

For a soft smoky look apply eyeliner in short strokes from the outside corner of the eye moving inward. Start slightly upward and outward and bring the line more tightly into the corner. Use the eyeliner’s sponge tip to smudge the liner heavily, both into the lash line and above it. This creates a soft dramatic eye rather than a harshly defined eye.

For a dramatic smoky look follow the instructions for soft smoky look then apply a tight dark eye line overtop. Blend that only slightly upward into the lid without losing the intensity of the line.

For an intense dramatic look apply lots of eyeliner pencil to both upper and lower lids and smudge with the sponge tip applicator well into the upper and lower lids. Then pull the bottom lid down and apply pencil onto the inner rim. For the top lid pull upward on the middle part and apply the pencil onto the inner rim of the upper lash line. This is called "water-lining". In order to get the color to stick to the "watery" inner rims make sure the pencil is warmed up by applying some to the back of your hand first.

Makeup artist tip:

Generally you want to apply eyeliner overtop of eye shadow so that you don't overpower the eyeliner with the eye shadow. If you are going for a smoky eye look and using the same shades of eye shadow you may apply the eyeliner first and then blend the eye shadow into the eye liner. When using eye shadows that are heavily metallic you may want to apply your eyeliner pencil before and after the eye shadow application (and try to keep the metallic shadow from getting near the lash line), otherwise you will have an unintentionally frosty eye line.

Who can use Infused Mineral Blush:

All skin types. Especially sensitive eyes.

Price and Where to Buy vapour organic beauty mesmerize eyeliner:

$20 at Credo Beauty

$20 at The Detox Market



vapour organic beauty mesmerize eyeliner earns these byb badges:

Product Features

  • soft pencil
  • made with organic binders and none of the harsh adhesives in conventional eyeliners
  • contains certified organic ingredients such as coconut and sunflower oils and carnauba and beeswax
  • contains no harsh chemicals
  • Non-toxic and Gluten-Free

Wearer Benefits

  • glides on gently without skipping, dragging or tugging the delicate skin of the eyes, yet creates precision eye definition 
  • blends flawlessly without disappearing
  • moisturizes and nourishes the delicate eye area
  • doe not age the skin like conventional ingredients found in most eye cosmetics
  • Safe to use


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