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Makeup is more than the stuff we use to create a new look or cover something up on our skin. It is a reflection of how we see ourselves as well as an artistic expression. For many of us, having our makeup on signals that we are ready to meet to world whether a whole face or just mascara and lip gloss. And our choice of makeup impacts those we meet. How they see us as well as how they hear us are affected. A bold red lip can have the impact of a power suit, a soft blush . . .


What’s In It

At BeYourselfBeautiful you can see every ingredient that goes into a beauty product and get an understanding of what it is and what it does. All products have links to their ingredients and all ingredients have links back to the products that contain them. So you can look up the trends in ingredients and see for yourself what’s behind the hype.


Skincare is the closest a beauty product gets to us without ingesting it. Surprisingly, some molecules have an 80% success rate of being absorbed through our skin. And just because something goes in your mouth doesn't mean that it gets into your bloodstream more quickly; some molecules are absorbed better through your skin than through digestion. This means that we have to be almost as careful about what we put next to our skin as what we put in our mouths.


Who We Are

We have one mission in mind : To be your go to for clean beauty that works. Obviously we won’t know everything about every product and look, but we’ll try our darnedest to distill what’s out there into just what you need to know. From honest reviews to revealing videos, you can trust us to give it to you straight!