Be Yourself Beautiful (bYb) is a carefully hand-crafted and curated guide for natural and organic beauty, both the stuff we put on us and how we relate to it. It will give you the low-down on natural organic beauty products and what's in them as well as detailed reviews of how they perform and just how pure they really are. We are pleased to present a wealth of research designed for you to use as a resource and tool when navigating the complex and overwhelming task of choosing makeup and skincare products. These decisions are especially important for people who are dancing with cancer and must be hyper-aware of what they put on their bodies as well as in their bodies. Our aspiration is that this website will educate and enable readers to make informed and conscious choices about their beauty rituals to live healthier and happier lives. It will also expose the fragile nature of beauty and ourselves in full living color. bYb is meant for everyone from the curious to the cancer-us, from the new ager to the New Yorker. We wish you Happy Reading and Joyful Discovery in these pages. And please feel free to write and tell us what's on your beautiful mind.



Founder, Jen Murphy has been a mom for 29 years, a makeup artist for 25 years, an esthetician for 11 years, a maker of organic skincare for 4 years, and has lived in the organic bubble of Boulder, CO for that whole time. She has a Masters Degree in Philosophy of Aesthetics, a license in Esthetics, and a penchant for working with her head and hands together with her heart.  All of these things have influenced the way she thinks about makeup and skincare immensely. Basically, she's adamant about using as natural and organic products on herself and in her photo and video shoots as she can. As she now finds herself with breast cancer her mission is all the more critical.