To succeed in life


I subscribe to a daily email from Brian Tracy that gives me an inspirational quote every day. I do enjoy reading most of these quotes and am sometimes actually inspired by them. Occasionally, I even save them. This one really hit home when I opened it the other day:


I am a self-admitted perfectionist of the variety that lets his/her perfectionism stand in the way of completion and/or aid and abet in the act of procrastination. There, I’ve said it. These are words I can use to bolster my attempts at getting anything done. The key word here is: DONE. Thank you Chin-Ning Chu by way of Brian Tracy.

Author Chin-Ning Chu

Upon reading this quote for the first time I did not recognize the name of Chin-Ning Chu, so I looked her up. It turns out that her books have been recommended to me by multiple persons. Ms. Chu was an internationally-renowned speaker and bestselling author of books such as:The Art of War for Women and Do Less, Achieve More. She died in December of cancer and will be missed for her strong female voice amid the overbearing din of male voices in the business world. I am looking forward to reading and reviewing Do Less, Achieve More. This sounds like a principle I could live by . . .

And what (besides yoga and sex) will give you a radiant glow besides success?

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