The Tao of Facial Rejuvenation

This is one of the most effective DIY Anti-Aging Facials

Just follow the directions to youthful, radiant skin

Just follow the directions in the video, or download the PDF to do this super-effective anti-aging facial yourself. Of course, it’s wonderfully healing to have someone else’s expert hands upon you, but you can get a similar effect with your own manipulations and some good product.

The links in the download and below will take you to the websites for each product. Treat yourself to looking younger, ’cause baby, you will! Days after I was given this facial along with an acupuncture treatment that is designed for rejuvenating the face (these treatments are more effective when done together) my own father said that I looked 15 years younger. Wow! You can’t get that straight out of a bottle.

Recommended Essential Oils for Rejuvenating the Face:

blue lotus attar
frankincense & myrrh
rosemary verbenone
clary sage

 Tools for the Rejuvenating Facial:

Jade Roller

Organic Anti-Aging Facial Masks:

Honey Blossom ~ high gloss humectant mask
Lotus Leaf Lift ~ ultra lifting mask

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