Qi gong in the park

Good Morning!


I just finished two hours of qi gong at Eben G. Fine park right next to the Boulder Creek. Not only was the weather perfect for August 1st, not too hot or too sunny, but the scenery was beautiful.

It was the perfect way to start a Monday. I have been a yoga practitioner for years and am now thinking of expanding my practice to include qi gong after this morning’s experience. It was extraordinary. Recommendation: if you EVER find a beginning (or advanced if you can dig it) class of qi gong in the park, clear your schedule and get to it!

Chinese medicine for youthful beauty


This semi-private class was offered by Joshua Geetter (a classical Chinese medical practitioner, herbalist, medicine-maker and healer from Telluride, Colorado) through Boulder’s own Judy Godec, owner and magic-maker at Venus and Vetiver organic skincare.

Tonight I get to participate in a workshop on the Tao of Facial Rejuvenation led by Joshua at Judy's women's salon. Chinese medicine for youthful beauty? Sounds fantastic.

Here's what I learned.

Jen MurphyComment