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Lip care

You already love your lips. Think of all they do for you – help you communicate, enable you to eat and drink, attract mates, kiss . . . But lips need more than just appreciation, they need tender loving care. Here are some things you may not know about your lips. Lips are quite different from any other skin on the human body. The skin of the lips is much thinner, with only 3 to 5 cellular layers, than the skin of the face which can have up to 16 cellular layers. Lip skin also has fewer melanocytes (the cells that produce the skin pigment melanin). Because of this blood vessels appear through the skin, giving lips their typical red coloring but also making them more susceptible to sun damage. Lips have a high number of nerve endings, making them very sensitive. Lastly, lips have no sweat or oil glands of their own. Because of this, they do not have the skin’s usual protection to keep them smooth and inhibit germs.

All these factors make it necessary to protect and gently renew the skin of the lips since they can’t do it on their own! So, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, soften your lips and make them extra kissable with this:

 Pangea Organics mini-spa ritual

  • Apply Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Scrub in a thick layer over the lips and surrounding skin. Leave on for 5 minutes then gently rub in a circular motion with fingertips to exfoliate. Rinse off.
  • Gently apply a tiny amount of Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream to the edges of lips with fingertips using a patting and rolling motion. Leave on to fill in fine lines and seal the lips.
  • Finish by applying a generous amount of Lipcare in your favorite flavor for the ultimate in protection, smoothing and softening. Reapply whenever you want!
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