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Having cancer or even just getting the diagnosis has been a real game changer for me well obviously it’s an actual life changer and the most important ways that it has changed my life are actually for the better.

I used to wake up in the morning and have this overwhelming feeling of dread like, "oh no, I have so much to do. How am I ever gonna even come close to tackling the pile much less beginning it?" Just even starting was really hard. Now that I have cancer I wake up in the morning and my first thought is, "I have so much to do, I better get on this.” Like, there is way too much stuff that I need to get done before the end of this day, before the end of the week, and definitely before the end of my life, which hopefully is a long time from now, but I dunno. It’s not a done deal. There’s way too much to do.

How has this changed my work? And how has this made me feel even more passionate, which I didn’t think was possible about working with clients, what am I gonna put in my products that’s gonna make it even better, even more effective, even more pure? It’s really important. There’s a lot that goes in through your skin. I mean if you know anything about dermal patches as a way to get medicine into your body -or trans-dermal patches I guess is what they’re called -because they literally go through the skin and into your bloodstream. It’s amazing! Yet it’s also really scary because a lot of the cosmetics lines out there and the skincare lines are full of a lot of crap! I’m excited to do videos and teach people how to work with aging skin. With so many things that happen in our daily lives and in what we put on our skin and in what happens to our bodies especially when we have cancer and are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. The stuff will trash your skin. How do you work with it?

That’s what I really want to explore in this series. Like, what can we do to make ourselves feel better about how we look because the media makes us feel like s$!t about how we look. We’re never pretty enough, we’re never skinny enough. It just is not working for them, but guess what, you are beautiful. I am beautiful. We need to spend time exploring that having fun with it. Beauty is not what we do to ourselves. It’s not a mask that we put on our face or something that we do to our hair or clothes that we put on.

My motto goes, "be yourself beautiful and you will find the world full of beautiful." And to me that is a call to action. It says to me, "hey you, step up. Be beautiful yourself and then what you see out there is beauty because what you see in here is beauty, what you are is beauty and then you begin to see that what everybody else is is beauty."

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