A Taste of Magic; an introduction to Tantric Philosophy by Lauviah Rose

Bliss as path

I wanted to offer a taste of Tantric philosophy, as I see it and live it. It can be a long and mysterious path, or an astonishingly simple one. It is about being in the bliss of every moment, and tapping into the dormant magic within. It rejoices in life and bliss, instead of rejecting it. I hope it is a helpful and inspiring path for you on your journey as well.


Life is a miracle

We can either view the universe as a miracle, life as a miracle, birth as a miracle, or we can view it as mundane, ordinary science. I like to view the universe with reverence, high respect, and humility. I can honestly say that harnessing sensual energy for the expansion of my consciousness IS my spiritual practice. Sensual touch, arousal, orgasmic states are SOOOOOOO…..wow. Magical. Amazing. They make me happy to be ALIVE! I celebrate this expression of love, and recognize that a higher power designed this universe to be an ecstatically sensual one! HOORAY!

NOW imagine a universe WITHOUT love, connection, or sensual pleasure; imagine a world where the sense of touch doesn’t exist. What if we simply couldn’t FEEL pleasure (or pain for that matter)? That would be so sad, dry, and somewhat purposeless. I don’t think I would believe in a higher power if this were the case, and I would probably view reality from a very mundane vantage point. We would basically be machines DOING things, and wouldn’t really have a chance to FEEL deeply into the core of our being. The world would appear black and white, heartless, and lacking the rich variety we get to experience from BEING.

Spontaneous evolving

So let’s go back to the universe that is MAGICAL, where miracles happen, where we can SPONTANEOUSLY EVOLVE (please google this term to understand what I am referring to), create our reality, change our biology through our thoughts…the list goes on and on! We live in a universe in which we are CREATED BY AN ORGASM! WOW! WE CAME FROM BLISS! If that’s not sacred, I don’t know what is! We get to explore the realm of touch in an infinite number of ways. There is truly no limit as to how much you can feel.

By bowing to this MYSTERIOUS sexual energy (can anyone explain where it REALLY comes from?) I acknowledge that it doesn’t come from me but THROUGH me. I realize that sensuality is a magical, infinitely AWESOME portal that I want to travel down. Our creator is infinitely intelligent, and designed us as living temples. By harnessing my body as a temple, and surrendering into ecstasy, I become more in touch with my heart, more relaxed, more in touch with who I really am. By doing this inner work, I hope that the world around me receives this love, and  it radiates through the fabric of the universe. I hope that my eyes could possibly emanate all of the depth and beauty within my soul.

By the end of a love-making session with my partner, my insides are screaming, “THIS is what’s real! This is who you are! Let’s remember this moment, and set your vibration to this!” I am truly touched by this timeless moment, and can feel a deep spiritual cleansing, as if I have bathed in the fountains of bliss.

The center – Hridaya

To expand a little bit MORE on Tantric philosophy, and aligning it with new-edge science, specifically the Unified Field Theory, this quote on the universal heart will suffice:

Just as there is a cosmic center from which the whole universe arises and has its being and functions with the power or the directing energy emanating therefrom, so also is there a center within the frame of the physical body wherein we have our being. This center in the human body is in no way different from the cosmic center. It is this center in us that is called the Hridaya, the seat of Pure Consciousness, realized as Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. This is really what we call the seat of God in us.

I believe that the orgasm is a reminder that the cosmic heart, and the heart within you is one in the same. So, in conclusion to all of these threads and possible views on this cosmic world we are living in, I smile. I am so happy to live in this magical universe. I giggle with delight, and bow to the cosmic heart that in all of it’s magnificence created you and me.

Lauviah Rose


I’ll be writing a thread on Enlightened relationship next!

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