Muscular vs. Organic energy


The two opposing forces

Muscular and Organic Energy are the two major actions in Anusara Yoga. Spirals and Loops are refinements of muscular and organic energy. In every pose we seek to balance these actions.

Muscular energy

Muscular Energy draws inward to create awareness, self acceptance, connection, and provides the strength and stability to grow and expand. We always engage muscular energy before organic energy.

Directions of Muscular Energy
1. muscles to bones
2. draws toward midline
3. periphery to focal point

Organic energy

Organic Energy expands outward and transcends the merely physical aspect of stretching. It makes us more aware of our energy and how it effects others. It is a celebration of life, feels like freedom, and helps us go beyond the limited sense of who we are.

Directions of Organic Energy
1. focal point to periphery
2. widens from the midline
3. bones to muscles

Balancing the energies

By nature one energy tends to be predominate in people. Some are hard and muscular, others soft and organic. This is how the divine shaped us. In a world that celebrates extremes, yoga helps us accept ourselves just the way we are, and optimally balance our energies.

The imbalances

Muscle bound people are just that, bound. Energy is so out of balance that their strength becomes a weakness. The are immobilized, bunched up, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Often a very slight framed person can hold a pose much longer than someone with huge muscles.

A stiff person is weak and inflexible, usually from disuse. They practice getting stronger to hold a pose safely.

The naturally organic person has as much work to do as the stiff person, maybe more, because over-stretching can weaken the joints and lead to injury.

Feel beautiful

Whatever body type you were blessed with, feel beautiful. Yoga, emphasizes self-acceptance, which is something that’s largely missing for those of us who dislike our bodies. The program in our heads—I’m not pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough, buff enough — plays over and over and deflates the spirit. Odd as it seems, the vessel that keeps us alive, that nourishes us, that makes all of our spiritual intentions possible, gets nothing but criticism in return.

Everybody falls into this dark place of self doubt, including me.

Honor yourself

Your body is the most beautiful gift you will every receive. What could be more valuable?

Yoga helps us to honor our body, celebrate our spirit, and to move from a place of true beauty.

Be Shri,

Jen MurphyComment