Inspriational beauty James Jean for Prada: Trembled Blossoms

Art, Design and Animation = yum

l just love it when one genre of art borrows from another, does it well, and makes it their own. Here, James Jean’s illustrations (well known for his Fable comic book covers, a series well worth the read!) grace the designs of Miuccia Prada in a moment of playfulness and innocence in fashion. I find this collection to be brave for its whimsy in a world that takes itself much too seriously. The blending of illustration, design, and animation is quite elegant and seamless in this piece. Enjoy!


Bag lady

I was so taken by this collection that I almost plunked down in excess of $2000 for one of these bags. I settled for a picture of it instead. In the execution of this mission, I was ejected from the 5th Avenue Prada Store for deigning to break out my camera phone by a beautiful tall black man in a Prada suit. Worth it.


Yes, this is old hat since it originates from 2008 and I well know that each season of fashion is left in the dust by its successor. Nonetheless, I just discovered this delicious video and had to share . . .

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