I am, I do, and I endeavor

A poem by mad king


slowly but surely learning
how to own all of the various
aspects of the man that i am
and patiently growing towards
the man that i’d like to become
not merely the catalogue of
my flaws and failures
nor a compendium of my
successes and various moments of
glory and richness
but in fact something far
that is a jumble of paradigms
and paradoxes that even though
they are opposed
don’t cancel each other out
but rather they flesh out a man
no longer condemned to
rationalize his behaviour,
actions or motivations
quite simply; i am, i do
and i endeavor to do so
with compassion and grace
and though i may lose sight of this everyday,
i am also granted
the blessing of rediscovering
this everyday,
everyday another opportunity
to endeavor to raise myself
closer to my potential
to succeed where i can
to love how i am able
to forgive easily
to dance and smile
to fully own all that is my
story and to recognize that
that is merely a small
portion of me
we are all more than just merely our stories
and i will gift myself the compassion
patience and grace
for me to learn and embrace
all of that which i am
and all of that which i can be
and it remains that simple
i am, i do, and i endeavor
to do so with compassion and grace

~mad king

Jen MurphyComment