Honor your illness

Today’s post is short. Your editor has the flu and is motivated to do nothing but watch Netflix and nap with her cats (thanks, Tom).


Not taking care of yourself can lead to illness

But first, she wanted to share with you a little something that she is learning about being sick. She realizes that she drove herself into the ground by working too much and not taking care of herself. In the past number of weeks leading up to today, she has eschewed all her best practices of creating balance in her life in favor of work. Now that this website is up and running her body has brought her to a halt and provided a little hiatus. Even resting the evening she wrote “Honor thyself” was not enough. So, she is going to take her body’s cue and just rest and get well. And when she is well, she promises to take better care of herself.

In this flu season try to take good care of yourself on a daily basis. And when you get sick, honor that illness and rest to recover.

Jen MurphyComment