Honor thyself


Hello Beautifuls. This is your editor, Jen Murphy.

I made an aspiration when I started this blog to post something truly inspired and from the heart, in the theme of Loving Yourself, every day for the remainder of February. What I have for you today is a simple declaration. I am tired. I have been working really hard to make this website happen and do all of the other things I do in life, and the fact is I need some rest.

So there you have it. I have chosen to honor myself and my energetic limitations by going to sleep rather than writing something that I feel truly worthy of posting. This in itself is worth saying because many of us push ourselves beyond our limits and don’t honor when we need to let go of an obligation and just rest.

Please follow this example when you need to: Honor thyself by resting when the situation calls for it.

Yours truly,

Jen Murphy, author


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