Take the best care of your teeth without spending more time and money on them

Tooth care tricks of the trade – the insider tips

Tricks of the Trade:  The best way to keep your mouth looking good, feeling great, and keeping you healthy is by taking just a few simple steps every day.  It’s really more about timing rather than time.

It’s really more about timing than time

  • Brush your teeth for two full minutes, at least twice each day.
  • Brush your teeth first thing in the morning; don’t drink that first cup of tea or coffee while you still have plaque on your teeth!  Foods and beverages can be staining, because sugars and acids stick in the plaque on your teeth until you brush.  While staining is the most obvious thing we want to avoid, the actual damage comes from the plaque that holds acids and sugars on your teeth. These can remove minerals from your teeth, leaving them rough, dull, discolored and likely to build up more plaque, stain, and cavities.  If your teeth are free of plaque and bacteria first thing in the morning you’ll avoid these challenges before breakfast!
  • Brush your teeth after your last meal or beverage (other than water) at night so you’ll sleep with a clean mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking anything other than water, this will return your mouth to a neutral pH so you avoid cavities and the discoloration of de-mineralizing your teeth.
  • Floss your teeth at least once each day, for about 3 minutes or until they are squeaky clean.  Floss the full height of each side of each tooth, up & over the gum then floss the full height of the other tooth.  The right time to floss is anytime you like, as long as it’s daily.

Brushing and flossing keeps your mouth healthy and beautiful naturally, and keeps your smile at its best.  Remember, a healthy mouth is a beautiful mouth!


by Gina Fox RDH, BS

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