Improve your rear view

Exercises to make your butt firmer

I just love what this workout does. And you can feel what it’s doing as you do the exercises.

And it’s as easy as pie to do (as long as you have the range of movement in your legs and it doesn’t hurt your back or your knees). In fact, when I first discovered this little gem waiting for me in my email inbox from our workout buddies at, I was making my morning tea in the kitchen and while I was waiting for my tea to steep I did some of the exercises right then and there. Thanks, Vital Juice!

But take it slow . . .

If this is your first real booty workout coming off of the heels of a sedentary winter, then please take it slow. There’s nothing worse than getting all gung-ho about a workout and going too hard out of the gate. You will want to keep these up on a regular basis to sculpt and then maintain the shape you want. And you will feel the burn from these exercises. If you haven’t been exercising that area lately it may take until the next day for you to feel the burn. And if you’ve gone at it too hard you may have difficulty walking around. Not to scare you off of these wonderfully easy, do-anywhere exercises. Just have some sense about it.

My recommendation for going slow is:

  • do only one set of each exercise to start
  • start with a smaller range of motion
  • work up to the full workout over the course of 3-5 days
  • keep it up for at least 3 days to work through the burn

Have fun, and show off your shapely rear end in the sun!

Jen MurphyComment