The blessings of change


I usually find this cat, Rob Brezsny that is, inspiring. This spring I have been inundated with messages of change. Granted, spring is a season of change. It is generally a difficult transition both mentally and physically for us mere mortals. But right now it seems that there is a larger game of change afoot in our world, certainly in my world, and anything that will help see us through it gracefully deserves note. Read more here. Or just soak in his invocations made in our name, below:

I hereby invoke Brigid, Celtic goddess of the undying flame, and ask her to unleash thrilling clarity in your heart about a dilemma that has vexed you.

I summon Bast, Egyptian goddess of play, to help you intensify your search for meaning by having more fun.

I pray to the spirit of Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, that he might inspire you and your lover to achieve hierosgamos, the sacred marriage, thereby creating a bond that inspires your community and galvanizes you both to express more of your own beauty than you would be capable of alone.

I draw on the power of Tiphareth, the central sphere on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, to assist you in becoming the gorgeous messiah you were born to be.

And I offer a bribe to Laverna, pagan trickster goddess, in the hope that she will steal one of your inhibitions and ignite your dormant genius.

Jen MurphyComment