14 ways to deal with a breakup

People break up thousands of times everyday all over the earth


Why should the pain of my loss be any more special or acute than the next?

It’s not. I may think that it is while I’m in it, but it’s really not. The intensity, flavor and the story and circumstances surrounding it may be different for each breakup around the world, but it’s really all the same; it’s painful. We all feel it. If you open your heart to someone and you lose them you feel pain. And if this one didn’t affect you that much, then the next one probably will.

This is how we’re built as humans. We feel. Generally, after a breakup we feel shitty. So considering that this is not negotiable, the relevant question is: what do we do with the pain?

Actually, there are two questions:

1)  What do we usually do with it?

2)  What could we do with it that might be better?

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