PANGEA ORGANICS:  Australian Wild Plum and Willow Facial Cleanser


Redbook 2007 MVP Beauty Awards, Best Cleanser

Women's Health Favorite Earth-Friendly Beauty Product 2008

Balance is key. Combination to oily skin requires a little extra love. Too much cleansing can lead to an oil backlash while a lack of oil control leaves us vulnerable to build up. We've formulated a pure lather from sugar-based cleansing agents and Yucca extract to thoroughly cleanse the skin while respecting its delicate pH. This luscious lather is infused with a triple fruit complex of Wild Plum extracts to purify, refresh and protect your complexion while Willowherb works to maintain skin clarity. To top it off, we've added precious and nutrient-rich Manuka Honey for an amplified antibacterial benefit to deliver clear, balanced and radiant skin.

Key Ingredients:


Pangea's Wild Plum Blend harnesses the remarkable antioxidant power of three select aboriginal plum extracts from countless, exotic Australian resources to deliver balancing, nutrient-rich and revitalizing benefits to combination and oily skin types. Derived from three indigenous Australian super-fruits, Pangea's bioactive wild plum skin complex is revolutionary. It is classified as purifying, balancing and rejuvenating. 


White Willow Bark, Salix alba, is a common tree in wetlands and near watercourses. It contains a high amount of salicylic acid (a natural Beta Hydroxy Acid used in aspirin) and mild antimicrobial constituents. Salicylic acid works by causing the cells of the epidermis to slough off more easily, helping to prevent pore congestion and allowing room for new cell growth. Salix alba is a useful ingredient in skin care in which pore congestion and acne are an issue. In addition, Willow naturally and effectively supports skin clarity while helping to calm redness. 


Traditionally, Native Americans used Yucca for washing, shampooing, and for a myriad of different medicinal applications. Biochemical research has shown that natural saponins, like those found in Yucca, repair damage to cell membranes of the skin and scalp that result in a loss of nutrients. It also reduces joint inflammation and has been used with success for allergies and to strengthen the immune system. 

Directions for use:

Give a good 2-3 pumps in the palm of your hand, rub palms together and gently yet thoroughly massage your whole face, neck and décolletage for 30-60 seconds. Then rinse. For oilier complexions, follow with Pangea Facial Scrub 2-3 times per week for optimal benefits.