Jen Murphy has been a makeup artist for 25 years, an esthetician for 11 years, a mom for 29 years, and has lived in the organic bubble of Boulder, CO for that whole time. She has a Masters Degree in Philosophy of Aesthetics, a license in Esthetics, and a penchant for working with her hands and heart together with her head.  All of these things have influenced the way she thinks about makeup and skincare immensely. Basically, she's adamant about using as natural and organic products on herself and in her photo and video shoots as she can. As she now finds herself with breast cancer her mission is all the more critical.

When you work in the industry and use makeup and skincare that has to perform, you see that there can be quite a discrepancy between the organic and conventional markets. One is purity driven and the other is performance driven. That’s why I chose to make this line. I want to create organic makeup, skincare and fragrance that are really comparable to their conventional counterparts with both purity and performance. Your favorite makeup, skincare and fragrance; the organic version.