Alcohol is used in skin care as an absorption aid and preservative.

Scientific name:  Denatured alcohol

Origin:  derived from grain




  • antioxidant
  • antiseptic
  • astringent


    • cell saving
    • cleansing
    • toning


    • preservative
    • aroma carrier
    • suspension agent

    Alcohol is used as a skin toner, absorption aid, preservative, carrier for aroma and suspension agent.

    Pangea Organic's alcohol (SDA 38B ORGANIC LAVENDER) is 100% organic grain (U.S. grown corn) alcohol. There has been no addition of petroleum during its making (the main cause of alcohol drying the skin), or any other chemical that would disturb its integrity. In fact the only other ingredient added to denature it (a legal necessity, making it undrinkable) is lavender. See lavender flower for other benefits.