Lauviah Rose


Lauviah Rose-Sacred Sensualist

What inspired you to become a Tantric Healer and Practitioner?


I believe in love, and I believe that love and its cultivation has the power to heal ourselves and the planet. Tantra is a life-ling path to a more enriched and activated life in which one embraces and appreciates what is in front of you, in a word “reality”. This is a path of discovering the sacredness in BEING, and OF every other being. This is a very inspiring path, and somehow I ended up here!


How did you discover your gift?


I believe friends brought me into the healing community, but I have always been attracted to holistic healing. I just found the potency of love, sensuality, and Tantra is a very potent pathway for full-body healing!


What connects you to


You! Cultivating your sensual prowess / power as a goddess, or embodied female, is part of being beautiful from the inside out. Can’t we all say that we feel more radiant and pure after a really good love-making session? How can we bring this more into our day to day lives, and be radiantly open and showing up for the world?


What is the message that you want to spread throughout the world if you could say one thing?


It all comes back to the breath. Take a few conscious breaths, when feeling stressed, aroused, frustrated, whatever! It always brings you back to the eternal NOW!


If you have anything else you are dying to say, please say it here!


Oh my goodness yes! Read my first post! (Love your Lover, by Lauviah Rose on February 14, 2010)


Interview by Jen Murphy